Supply Chain Cost Reduction

Proven Approach to Supply Chain Cost Reduction

Do you want to reduce your supply chain costs?

Total Logistics has proven methods for reducing the costs of your supply chain operations.

Methods for reducing the costs of supply chain operations

Warehousing & Transport Cost Reduction

Total Logistics Operational Benchmarking establishes how you stand against both the industry peer group and our best practice model.

Cost profiles clearly identify discrepancies between where you are and where you should be. All key cost drivers such as manning, space and mileage are assessed in terms of the correct and forecast business volumes. Our experienced team gives practical guidance through the implementation of our recommendations.

Negotiations with third party contractors are supported with clear independent reasoning.

Example projects have achieved labour cost savings of 10% or more, 30% increased capacity and 20% of third party costs.


Supply Chain Cost Reduction

Our supply chain consultants apply Lean techniques to identify non-value added time and cost in the supply chain.

End-to-end supply chain modelling is used to study supplier to market allocations.

We use freight cost benchmarking and auditing to ensure that the tariffs reflect market rates and that complex freight invoices are accurate.

Our inventory model is used to calculate the stock levels to achieve the required level of customer service.

Example projects have provided cost savings of 26% by improving product sourcing by market, service improvements of 10% with no increase in inventory, over 10% reduction in international freight costs and 30% reduction in lead time.

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Total Logistics provides practical strategic supply chain consultancy across all industry sectors throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

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reducing supply chain costs

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