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Developing IT systems integrated with processes and operations

Effective IT solutions are essential to support any logistics or supply chain operation.

Typical IT systems in logistics and supply chain management are:

  • warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • transport or freight management systems (TMS)
  • supply chain execution systems (SCE)

With the increased adoption of omnichannel retailing, e-fulfilment and e-commerce, IT systems have to be constantly upgraded and improved to enable them to support the changing business. 

As a result, these solutions are now available to companies in various forms, are highly customisable with a superior ability to integrate with new or legacy systems, and are much more user-friendly than before. 

Companies can access them using traditional platforms, cloud technology or use the platform as a service (Software as a Service).

At Total Logistics, we believe in keeping our consultants, as well as our clients, up-to-date with the latest solutions and recent market developments.

This helps us provide the best in class and most suitable solutions to our clients, and helps them manage the transition path. 

We have completed many projects to specify requirements, manage tenders, select suppliers and support the implementation of systems. 

We have strategic alliances and a good depth of knowledge with all of the major WMS providers including Manhattan, Red Prairie, Infor and SAP.  This breadth of knowledge and experience across all providers ensures our clients have the independent and impartial expertise they require whether specifying, selecting or managing IT projects.

We always review operational processes before specifying system requirements, to ensure accuracy, best practice and to streamline implementation. 

We have a range of relevant successful projects completed across a variety of sectors, examples of which can be seen here:


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