Implementation - Supplier Selection

Our extensive experience ensures successful implementation

Once a design and specification has been finalised and agreed, Total Logistics will run a full procurement process to select the best equipment from the best suppliers at the best price.

Our process includes a long listing of suppliers, Request for Information (RFI), short-listing of suppliers, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), Request for Proposal (RFP) writing and control, evaluation and contract negotiation. Post-implementation support and service capability is as important as evaluation factors when making these decisions.

Our supply chain consultants independence from suppliers and unrivalled reputation in the industry for fairness and transparency give Total Logistics access to all of the top vendors.  Experience has taught us that simply asking a sample of vendors to quote will limit the solutions available, exclude innovative new entrants and encourage established vendors not to be price competitive.
Total Logistics’ long history of running supplier selection exercises has built up a strong supplier base and understanding of vendor pricing and services. Many of our consultants have first-hand experience working with or for equipment suppliers.

Our supply chain consultants expertise allows us to guide our clients to select the most appropriate partner and to negotiate a fair contract that supports the relationship over a long period but protects our client from poor performance and risk.

Our procurement process has been shown time and again to not just select the best supplier but to make significant savings on the expected capital expenditure.
After selecting suppliers and supporting contract negotiation, we continue to support the client through the implementation process, providing technical input and project management.

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