Strategic Definition - Inventory Policy

Strategic Definition

We develop inventory planning systems that improve availability

Total Logistics inventory planning systems improve your stock availability.

Our consultants help customers reducing the number of out-of-stock items and increases product availability while reducing the working capital at the same time. A well-designed inventory planning system will improve product availability, without the need for excessive inventory.
We have developed inventory modelling tools in our Insight toolset to calculate the stockholding required to provide a defined level of availability. These models are handed over to clients at the end of the project, to allow them to be used for inventory planning of on-going operations. Our tools have been applied successfully for leading companies in sectors such as books and media, home retail, electronic components and services/utilities.
Our consultants also have experience of implementing alternative solutions to reduce inventory, such as Vendor Managed Inventory, supplier consolidation centres and direct-delivery from suppliers to stores and/or customers.

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