Implementation - 3PL Selection

Our extensive knowledge of the 3PL market aids decision-making

The number of Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers has grown significantly over the last couple of decades and now if a client decides to outsource all or part of their business there is a myriad of 3PL providers; big/small, niche/one-stop shop, global/regional, high-tech/simple, steady/innovative or new entrant/established.      

Having made the outsourcing decision, there is a labyrinth of questions when selecting logistics contractors:

  • Which one is best for my business?
  • What is the most appropriate form of contract either open book, closed book, hybrid or tariff based?
  • How long should the contract last?
  • How do I encourage innovation and continuous improvement?
  • How do I ensure they provide what is right for me?
  • How do I reduce my exposure if it all goes wrong?

Total Logistics supply chain consultants understand the 3PL market well, having completed numerous selection exercises and worked directly with leading logistics service providers.  Many of our own consultants come from a 3PL background. 

Our logistics and supply chain consultants can help a client in validating the outsourcing decision and in deciding the best fit for a 3PL contract to match the needs of their business.

Total Logistics will organise the tendering process and help select the most appropriate partner. Our procurement process has been proven many times to provide a fair partnership with clear goals and reasonable incentives and penalties to ensure focus and service delivery.

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