Warehouse Design Consultants

Getting the right warehouse design

Getting the right distribution centre (DC) or warehouse design for your supply chain operations sometimes needs help.

The design of a warehouse clearly has a direct effect on warehouse operations, get it right and your operations will be more efficient and flow smoothly, get it wrong and they will suffer accordingly.

With such a critical area of the supply chain, it makes perfect sense to get expert advice and support from someone who not only knows warehouse design inside and out but will also listen to you and what your organisation needs.

Total Logistics warehouse design consultants not only have a detailed knowledge of warehouse operations across a wide number of sectors they also have a wealth of experience handling warehouse projects all over the world. Most importantly they know how vital it is to listen to the client and work with them to get the perfect solution.

"Total Logistics' international experience and highly objective approach resulted in a successful project specifically tailored to our logistics requirements.  Their clear and concise recommendations are delivering significant business enhancements and we are delighted with the outcome."

AJ Wright - Chief Operating Officer


To find out how our warehouse design consultants can help you call
our UK team on +44 (0)118 977 3027.

Warehouse Design Principles

Warehouse Design

There are a number of principles involved in designing a warehouse with a good operational layout including:

  • Allow movements to follow a logically sequenced flow
  • Avoid cross-traffic and bottlenecks
  • Avoid unnecessary travel or movement
  • Always allow a sufficient space buffer between process steps
  • Dissociate the resources allocated to critical tasks or activities

Further areas we would recommend considering include:

•    Overall site flows of vehicles arriving at and leaving the warehouse site

•    Requirements for parking and/or queuing of delivery vehicles

•    Parking of trailers on site

•    Security and gatehouse arrangements

•    Pedestrian walkways and car parking facilities

While these touch on just a few of the principles and considerations involved, our warehouse design consultants can help you fully review your true requirements in each area to make sure nothing is missed or overlooked that could cost valuable resources later on.

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Successful Warehouse Design Projects

Working with Total Logistics consultants can help you achieve a successful warehouse project from improving service and performance to increasing capacity and efficiency.

We take a practical yet flexible approach working closely with you to gain a deep understanding of each warehouse project. This also ensures we don’t set unrealistic expectations and can clearly deliver each objective on time.

Total Logistics understand that when clients invest in them they expect to see a return on that investment and they do, with an average saving range between 10% - 20%. In fact, in performance reviews with over 100 client companies, 100% said they would happily recommend Total Logistics to colleagues.


To discuss your warehouse design project with Total Logistics call +44 (0)118 977 3027 or complete our online form and we will get in touch.

Warehouse Design Specialists

We wanted a highly sophisticated solution to our existing and future storage needs that complements the technologically advanced bottling operations at Ploiesti, and Total Logistics provided the answer and professional support we needed.

Impressively, the high-bay storage system they designed and helped to implement allowed bottling operations to continue without interruption.

Coca-Cola Hellenic Romania

George Macovei, National Logistics Manager


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