Supply Chain Consultants

A solid investment in your future

Find out what Total Logistics Supply Chain Consultants could do for your company and why partnering with us is a solid investment in your future.


All businesses at times face important and sometimes difficult supply chain and logistics decisions. While making the right choices can propel your operations to the next level the pathway forward may not always be clear.

An expert eye can make all the difference in helping you avoid many pitfalls and this is why the best supply chain consultants are well worth the investment.

Total Logistics have an enviable reputation working with many leading companies on supply chain and logistics projects all over the world.

“Total Logistics carried out the assignments in a thorough, practical and professional manner, and the results met our requirements exactly. In fact Total Logistics exceeded my expectations, adding extra value to the solution. I can highly recommend them.”
Nestlé UK - Head of Operations

To find out how our supply chain consultants can support you call our UK team on +44 (0)118 977 3027 or complete our online form.


Project Scope

Our experience and knowledge coupled with our “Insight” modelling tools enable us to work on a wide range of logistics and supply chain projects covering four main areas:

  • Strategic Definition Projects
    includes network design, supply chain rationalisation, and inventory policy
  • Supply Chain Design Projects
    includes distribution centre and warehouse design, IT systems, processes and transport
  • Logistics and Supply Operations
    includes planning, benchmarking, productivity and outsourcing
  • Logistics and Supply Implementation
    includes specification, supplier selection, 3PL selection, project management and change management


Return on Investment

We understand that when our clients invest in us they expect to see a quick return on that investment that’s why the typical payback period experienced by our clients on our fees is normally three months. 

In addition, our clients see typical savings range between 10% - 20%, which is why in performance reviews with over 100 client companies 100% said they would happily recommend us to colleagues.

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Successful Supply Chain Projects

Working with our consultants can help you achieve your supply chain project goals from improving service and performance to increase capacity and efficiency.

We take a practical yet flexible approach, working closely with you to gain a deeper understanding of each project. This also ensures we don’t set unrealistic expectations and can clearly deliver each objective on time.

For more details call Total Logistics on +44 (0)118 977 3027 or complete our online form and we will get in touch.


Total Logistics combined a world-class logistics expertise with a strong desire to learn the specific drivers of our business to create a customised set of recommendations.  TL met every milestone date and delivered a solution that will result in significant savings for our organisation going forward.

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Jim Conroy, Development Director


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