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Our supply chain consultants have worked with over 400 clients across a wide variety of logistics & supply chain projects to both improve operations & reduce costs. 


adidas is one of the world's leading global sports brands. Our 10 projects successfully completed so far with adidas include:

  • Increasing the throughput capacity of the UK DC.
  • Design and implementation management of a new DC to integrate the adidas and Reebok brands. This facility incorporates state-of-the-art materials handling equipment to deliver high levels of productivity and efficiency.
  • Subsequent projects for adidas in Germany, Russia and South Korea, including operational reviews, DC expansion, DC design and programme management.


Acco is a global supplier of office supplies with a wide range of leading global and regional brands. Projects successfully completed with Acco include:

  • Focussed projects to increase productivity across 5 sites in Europe.
  • Inventory strategy.


Almarai is the largest producer and distributor of dairy products in Saudi Arabia.
Projects successfully completed with Almarai include:

  • Dairy to customer supply chain cost model to assess alternative handling providers.
  • Dairy expansion implementation support.


Argos is part of the Home Retail Group, the UK's leading home and general merchandise retailer. It operates one of the largest distribution networks in the UK.
Projects successfully completed with Argos include:

  • Network strategy for warehouse and delivery of large and awkward direct operations.
  • Evaluation of call booking and delivery processes for the two man network.
  • Warehouse capacity audit and location study for additional DCs.
  • Purchasing and stock holding review of core products.
  • Warehouse facility benchmarking to increase throughput and storage capacity.
  • Transport benchmarking and in-house modelling for small package home delivery network.

Alpha Airports

Alpha Airports operates a wide range of retail fascias at airports across the UK. Our work with Alpha includes:

  • Project management support for the implementation of a new ERP and POS system.
  • Planning and design of a new supply chain network.
  • A comprehensive evaluation of in-house versus third party logistics operations.

Bid TV

Bid TV has grown substantially to become one of the most successful operators of TV shopping channels. Our work with Bid TV includes:

  • Logistics strategy.
  • 3PL selection.


The Delhaize Group is a Belgian international food retailer.



Coty is the world's largest fragrance company. Our work with Coty includes:

  • Consolidation of UK brands into single distribution centre.
  • Distribution strategy UK.
  • Distribution strategy Iberia.
  • New product launch distribution infrastructure.

Aryzta AG

Cuisine de France and Delice de France are leading brands in the frozen part baked bread and patisserie products. Our projects for this client include:

  • Design and implementation of a new DC to accommodate its growing agency distributor business.
  • A strategy study to combine the UK retail and food service operations.
  • A network strategy to optimise the performance of its three Irish operations.
  • A study to deliver improved cost performance and increased throughput capacity in its regional operation.

UK Greetings

UK Greetings is a subsidiary of American Greetings Corporation, the world's largest publicly owned publisher and manufacturer of greeting cards and associated products. UK Greetings incorporates Carlton Cards, Camden Graphics, Gibson, Hanson White, Xpressions, and Collage.  Manufacturing is split between the UK and Far East. 

Our work for UK Greetings includes:

  • A strategic manufacturing & supply chain review.
  • A warehousing, inventory & distribution review and rationalisation post acquisition.


We have conducted a wide range of projects across the Nestlé Group across Europe including:

  • Assisting with the 3PL selection and contract negotiation across a number of operating sites.
  • Benchmarking performance against industry best practice, to provide a focus for operational improvement.
  • Replanning an integrated logistics network following a number of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Transitioning the UK grocery network from national to regional distribution, with a corresponding reduction in operating cost.
  • Support to the central planning team with development of bespoke supply chain planning models.

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press is a world-recognised brand in the field of academic publishing. Our support to OUP has included:

  • Inventory performance improvement achieved reduced overall stockholding.
  • The design of an effective operation to consolidate facilities onto a single site, reducing fixed costs.
  • Equipment and vendor selection.
  • Operational layouts for international subsidiaries.

Premier Farnell plc

Premier Farnell markets and distributes a comprehensive range of electronic products and services throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Our work with them includes:

  • European DC (Belgium) – lead logistics consultant from strategic concept through to implementation.
  • Inventory performance improvement.
  • Capacity improvement (UK subsidiary).


Pfizer is a world leader in pharmaceutical companies with an opportunity to reshape its distribution network across Ethical and OTC products.

By applying logistics benchmarking and cost modelling we identified the potential to reduce overall costs of OTC by 25%. This was delivered by an extended series of contract re-negotiations, based against the option of transferring operations.

The project provided the client with a payback on our total project fees of approximately 5 weeks.


Port of Tilbury

Port of Tilbury is a member of the Forth Ports Group. The port specialises in a number of sectors, including forest products.

We provided Port of Tilbury with expertise to support a new automated warehouse facility for newsprint reels. Our work ensured that:

  • The facility design was correctly aligned with the requirements for automation.
  • We selected a vendor with the appropriate capabilities.
  • The contract terms were appropriate to de-risk the project for the client.
  • Functional and technical designs were sufficiently robust to deliver successful implementation.


Tesco required a clear definition of the maximum capacity of its chill cross dock centres. This needed to be combined with the corresponding operating processes and procedures to ensure this capacity could be delivered.

We conducted a detailed operational review that mapped out the timing and phasing of key activities, and corresponding utilisations of equipment, space and labour. We identified opportunities to reduce dwell time, process cycle time or both.

The study defined both the maximum depot capacity (+25% on current) and the operational blueprints for the DC to deliver this capacity. These were subsequently rolled out across the network.



Unilever is a global leader in manufacturing consumer products and foods. We have undertaken several projects for Unilever including:

  • Internal and external transport synergy review to reduce environmental impact and operational cost.
  • Warehouse and transport tender management for the chilled operations.
  • Inbound factory warehouse and factory clearance tender management for Home Care products.
  • Tender and contract management best practice workshops.


Visage is one of the UK's leading independent sourcing companies for fashion garments. Faced with significant growth plans, we supported Visage with layout design to improve warehouse efficiency. In conjunction with the Visage team we selected a new WMS package, and provided ongoing support through implementation.



Wella is one of the world's largest producers of hairdressing products for home and professional use.

Wella had completed the implementation of a new pick by light system, which failed to deliver the expected business benefits. By thorough analysis of DC activity, product demand, stock layout and location, we identified the key initiatives to close the productivity gap.



Haribo is one of the world's largest manufacturers of gums and jelly sweets. TL worked with Haribo on:

  • Network strategy for the UK production and distribution operations.
  • Tender management for the selection of a new provider.
  • Audit on the best provider's readiness for implementation.
  • Sales management tool to assess new customer profitability.


HEMA is one of Netherlands key retailers of general merchandise. As part of a process to upgrade its distribution infrastructure with new automated facilities, HEMA had a requirement to plan and define its supporting manual processes. TL was engaged to define the operational planning processes to support the automated facility in order to maximise output capacity.


TK Maxx

TK Maxx is one of the fastest growing High Street outlets in the UK. It is an off-price retailer selling designer and high street labels in women's wear, men's wear, children's wear, home, gifts, jewellery and accessories.

  • Network strategy (UK).
  • Implementation support.
  • Network strategy update (UK).
  • Network strategy (EU).

HK Ruokatalo

HK Ruokatalo is one of the largest food companies in the Baltic Sea region. The Group produces fresh meat, poultry, processed meats and convenience foods, and is the market-leading retailer of processed meats and poultry products in Finland and the Baltics.

TL have worked for HK Ruokatalo on:

  • Strategy study including site layout options.
  • Project management methodology training and personal coaching.
  • On-going support with DC design, supplier selection and implementation support.
  • The new DC is successfully implemented and the expected productivity is exceeded, improving business benefits.

Inex Partners Oy

Inex Partners Oy are the procurement and logistics arm of the S Group, a major national retail group in Finland. They cover a complex product range from automotive and fashion to electronics and stationery.

TL have worked for Inex on:

  • Translating new commercial business processes into Logistics data-set.
  • DC-operations design.
  • Supplier selection and contract management.

The Mercator Group

The Mercator Group is one of the largest and most successful commercial chains in Southeastern Europe; it is the leading commercial chain in Slovenia and it is rapidly becoming an established chain in the markets of Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. TL assisted with:

  • Technical audit of vendor solutions.
  • Tender process assistance.

C1000 (Schuitema)

Schuitema is a major supermarket retailer in the Netherlands. TL assisted Schuitema with:

  • DC operational strategy.
  • Technology review.
  • Expansion planning.

Universiteit van Amsterdam

For the university library service, we developed a strategy for development of the operation, including new technology to improve service to the library's readers.



Strategic Review to overcome capacity constraints and to extend the practical life of the distribution centre.



Serco is a leading international service company that manages and improves essential services that matter to millions of people around the world. Serco came to Total Logistics for support to develop and manage a logistics plan for the London Cycle Hire Scheme.


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